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Verndell Robinson is a happily married wife of 14 years, a mother of four, educator, realtor, legal professional, and disabled Navy veteran. She has lived a life of service, perseverance, and dedication to making the community around her better. No matter where she has lived, in the U.S. or abroad, Verndell has always lived by these principles to herself and her community.


She grew up in the urban streets of Philadelphia, where her single mother, social worker worked hard to provide for her two children and instill in her the values of selflessness and service. To give Vern the best opportunities possible, she made the tough decision to send her to the Milton Hershey School, a cost-free boarding school for underprivileged families with one or no parents. This opportunity afforded Vern a quality education, built a strong foundation of morals and dedication, and cultivated a deep love for mankind.


After graduation, Verndell joined the U.S. Navy where she served during the Bosnian War. Her career was cut short by a tragic car accident that left her partially paralyzed for six years. This would stop most people, but for Verndell, this only fueled her drive and determination. With a new perspective on life, she fought back from her disability with prayer and perseverance.


Her Veteran Affairs benefits afforded her the ability to further her education.  She completed her undergraduate degree and attended Law School in South Korea.  There, Verndell became the first African American woman to graduate from any law school in the country. During the summers of law school, she was taught by U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft, served as the lead researcher on the first U.S.-South Korean Free Trade Agreement, interned on Capitol Hill and worked to help free children from adult prisons in the Philippines. Verndell doesn’t just talk about making her community better, she has gone out and lived it at every point of her life.


Following law school and her service work in connection with her degree, Verndell worked at various levels of government. At the State level, she assisted constituents with registering businesses for Pennsylvania unemployment tax and liaised with businesses at the county level. At the Federal level, she faithfully worked in areas of law, and procurement, as a liaison between agencies for personnel working inside 70 embassies, conducted suspension and debarment to protect the government from corrupt business, and helped bridge the gap in fatherhood in the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Through her work, Verndell has always been able to keep her principles at the core of her focus: service, perseverance, and bettering our community.


Vern also graduated from Regent University of Law with a Masters of Law (LLM) and received the Outstanding LLM graduate award.  She was appointed and graduated the Presidential Management Fellowship; where there were 9,102 applicants and 470 appointees.


Simultaneously, while working for the U.S. Government, Vern also obtained four different licenses in real estate: VA, MD, DC & PA. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in Maritime Law at Handong Global University. She previously served on Prince William County Realtor's Associations Political Action Campaign, which assisted in lobbying for legislation for realtor’s medical insurance in Richmond, VA.  This legislation was eventually signed into law thanks to her and her fellow realtors’ efforts.


Verndell has lived in Prince William County for the past 13 years and in the Potomac District for the past 8 years. Currently, she lives with her husband, mother and youngest child in Triangle, VA. Verndell is passionate about her Prince William community, and looks forward to fighting every day to make the Potomac District, the greatest community for every family and resident to proclaim that they, "Love Where They Live."

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