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Responsible Land Development

Responsible land development begins with research, culminating facts, and finding out the relevant laws and the input of the constituents we are serving.  The Potomac district deserves a representative that possesses a true understanding of the impact all this information can have on our environment.  As your Supervisor, I'll focus on responsible development in the Potomac District, and throughout the county. I'll work to protect our county from this type of overreach. We can strike a balance between preservation of our natural reserves, recreational areas, and economic development.  I'll work with the Dumfries Town Council to bring much needed economic development projects. I'll also oppose any further Casinos or businesses that yield diminishing returns.

Affordable Housing

With the lack of housing inventory, and the rising costs of food and property taxes, many residents are suffering financially.  Having affordable housing choices is something we need now.


As Supervisor I'll work with the Board of County Supervisors to find or develop different types of housing within our community that do not currently exist that will provide more affordable options. I'll communicate with current developers about incorporating more affordable housing models within their plans and collaborate with existing affordable housing models to collaborate in coming to our area by using our current business incentives.

Welfare & Safety

Crime has been rising throughout the county over the last three years. As your next Supervisor, I'll work with law enforcement to promote the incentives being offered to hire additional personnel and ensure they have the resources they need to keep our communities safe.


Additionally, mental health throughout our community continues to be an issue that we must address. This is critical in protecting our community, especially our under-privileged and younger generation. I'll work to secure mental health satellite centers in our district near Route 1 that coordinate with the new Crisis Center to assist when dealing with the mentally ill.  Together they can host training of EMT, Fire & Law Enforcement Officers and personnel on how to respond, assist and cope with a mental health emergency.

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