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We are working very hard and dedicated to restoring our communities and district to a place where we love to live.  Here we address some of the concerns constituents have proposed and provide the solutions we believe best represent us all.

Rising Property & Car Taxes

1. Lower the base percentage on rising property values.

2. Increase percentage of taxes charged to data centers.

3. Fill vacancies in strip malls with small businesses

4. Take the assessment back down to 80%

5. Use the Kelly Blue Book Value instead of JD Power

Filling Out Tax Form

Restaurant Losing 20% Business:

1. Repeal the 4% meals tax

2. Collect the uncollected taxes on data centers

3. Make sure occupants of data centers get business licenses prior to occupying building so we can collect the business taxes due.


Parental Rights Restored in Education

1. Listen to parents’ voices in their children’s education.

2. Respect parental sovereignty in the raising of their children

3. Respect the family values taught by parents.

Outdoor Education
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